Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has been used in different cultures for thousands of years and a wide range of literature outlines its historic use in a wide range of conditions including both physical and emotional. 

In addition modern research supports the effective use of herbal medicine in treating:

  • Functional Dyspepsia and indigestion
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Back Pain and Osteoarthritis
  • Mild to Moderate Depression 
  • Migraine
  • Acute infections including rhinosinusitis
  • The common cold and Influenza types A & B
  • Uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections

Herbal medicine uses the whole plant in the form of tinctures, teas, powders or topical products to relieve symptoms and, where possible, restore the body to balance. Medicinal herbs that have a long and effective history of use will be formulated into a prescription specific to your condition and you as an individual.

Perhaps you have a chronic or acute illness, need support with menopause or hormone balance or are going through a stressful period in life. I can help you regain control of your health. Using a holistic approach including herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice, I will listen to your history and your current situation and support you back to a better state of being. 

Pre-Initial Consultation

Prior to your initial consultation, I will send you all the information you need about fees and what to expect from starting a herbal medicine journey with me. I will send you a form which will take initial details from you so that I can review your basic information prior to our consultation and make the most out of our time together. 

If you are unsure about having a consultation with me, I am happy to chat with you on the phone for up to 10 minutes to discuss any concerns you have. 

Your Initial consultation

Your initial consultation will last between 60 -90 minutes depending on your needs. During your consultation, you will be given the time and space to tell me all about your condition and what has driven you to come and see me. I will take your full medical history including current and past illnesses, family medical history, medications, allergies and more. Following this, I will ask you questions about each bodily system to ensure I have all of the information I need to make a treatment plan. Finally, I will ask you about your diet and typical meals that you eat including snacks, drinks and any supplements that you take. 

Read more about clinical examinations and how I formulate your treatment plan below.

Your Follow up Consultation

Monthly follow up consultations will last for 30-45 minutes and are essential to monitor your progress, and to amend your prescription if necessary. During the follow-up consultation we will discuss how you have been, any changes in symptoms and review any test results. We will also review how you have been getting on with the herbal medicine, using your feedback to inform future prescriptions and advice. 

You are likely to need at least 2-3 follow-up appointments. However, chronic or more severe conditions are likely to need longer.

Clinical Examination

I have been trained to the GP standard of examinations in all bodily systems. If necessary I will carry out a clinical examination to assess your health problems (with your permission). For example, this may involve feeling your abdomen or listening to your heart. Your dignity will always be preserved.  

In most consultations I will take your blood pressure, pulse and examine your tongue which are used as additional diagnostic tools to assess your current state.

Massage and Yoga

If deemed appropriate, a short massage or yoga can be included within your initial session if you are coming to me with a physical ailment. For example if you have lower back pain caused by poor posture, I can teach you some yoga stretches to carry out at home. 

A 60 minute massage or 1:1 yoga can also be booked as a separate 60 minute appointment which can booked alongside your herbal medicine consultation.

I have been teaching yoga for 5 years and practising for over a decade. I am experienced at teaching a range of abilities; a 1:1 session will be tailored to your specific needs. This could include focusing on a particular muscle group, yoga posture technique, breathing practices to name a few. If you are interested in starting 1:1 yoga sessions with me, email me so that we can work out a plan suitable for you. 

Massage sessions can be added on as optional to a herbal medicine consultation. This can be between 30 and 60 minutes. I am a qualified Sports Massage Therapist; this can be adjusted to carry out a relaxing massage for you, or a deeper massage can be carried out if that meets your needs. Herbal oils can be used that are appropriate for you.

Herbal Medicine Prescription

The herbs that I use are very different to herbs that you may buy for culinary use or in a herbal tea bag from a supermarket. I buy the herbs from reputable herb suppliers where  herbs are sourced and processed into herbal medicine. The herbs are checked and laboratory tested by the supplier in order to verify the product, and quality control is carried out to check purity. The majority of the herbs that I use are organic. 

If you have certain requirements such as needing gluten free, all organic or alcohol free, this can be provided. 

Herbal Tea: a mix of 5-10 herbs, which have been chosen for your condition and hand mixed by Maddy

Herbal Tincture: a mix of 5-10 herbs, which have been chosen for your condition and mixed by Maddy (these contain alcohol – if you are not able to consume alcohol, I can provide alternatives) 

Topical treatment: such as a herbal cream or oil, if required. My creams include only natural ingredients, are vegan and free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Your Treatment Plan

Following your consultation I will carry out a holistic assessment, carry out research and create a bespoke treatment plan for you. 

This will include: 

  • Herbal medicine – including a tincture, tea and topical treatment as necessary (see above for more information
  • Nutrition Advice – including a dietary plan and supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle Advice – including exercise, sleep routine, menstrual cycle awareness practices

If necessary you will be referred for tests or further investigations via your GP or other private practitioners such as a physiotherapist.


I feel that it is important to make herbal medicine accessible to all. Therefore, I am offering my consultations on a sliding scale fee. I am currently reviewing fees and making booking available on the website – contact me for more information.

Holistic Consultation
My standard consultations and follow-ups work holistically to look for the root cause treating you as an individual considering your whole history and current situation. The treatment plan seeks to bring you back into balance rather than treat symptomatically.

Cancellations (which include postponing your appointment) made more than three working days prior to the appointment will receive a full refund; cancellations within 3 working days will receive 50% refund until the appointment day where the deposit will be retained.

Mini-consultation: £15 for 15 minutes
Mini-consultations are useful for acute or symptomatic treatment. For example, you have a cough and would like some natural support, or you would like pain relief for period pain. This type of consultation can be useful if you are not wanting to look at your condition in depth, or you don’t have the resources to do so. I will check important medical history, medications and allergies to ensure that you are provided with suitable medicine. Any herbs will be checked for contraindications.

Cost of the Medicine
Tincture – £9 per 100ml
Herbal tea – £5.00 per 50g
Creams – £12 per 60g
Capsules: £15 per 60
Powders: £10 per 100g (except medicinal mushroom powder)
Medicinal Mushroom Powder: £20 per 60g
~ a usual prescription may include a bespoke 420ml tincture and 100g tea.

Functional testing and nutritional supplements may be suggested which would incur an additional cost if you choose to purchase them.

Yoga 1:1 – £35.00/hour; Massage:£45.00/hour ~ herbal medicine patients will receive a 10% discount on these service