Maddy is a fantastic yoga teacher. She explains clearly, gives learners time and creates an environment where it’s fine to work to your own capabilities. She considers injuries and disabilities and works hard to be inclusive and responsible to needs: regularly checking in with people to make sure they’re being kind to themselves. She’s friendly and lovely. I didn’t think I was able to do yoga because of disability but it turns out I love it!

Jane, yoga student

Maddy is so chilled and patient with us beginners, understanding, knowledgeable and caring.

Kevin, yoga student

I didn’t think yoga was for me, until I tried Maddy’s class.  Maddy achieves a magic combination of relaxed and challenging in her classes. The sessions are tailored to suit everyone’s abilities while making sure everyone is challenged. The atmosphere is friendly and fun. It’s impossible to take yourself too seriously.

Leanne, yoga student